Specialist Hydrotherapy (SEN) Pools

Hydrotherapy pools are another Hydrospec speciality, and we have earned an enviable reputation in the industry as the go-to contractor for hydrotherapy design and build.

Special attention to detail in design and construction is required for hydrotherapy pools, due to the specialised nature of their use; especially in the filtration and water treatment plant. The client’s requirements and usage are taken into consideration in early consultation, as well as any special mobility and therapy needs of the intended users of the facility.

It is extremely important to the design brief with a hydrotherapy pool that the relevant questions are asked to obtain the correct design criteria required at the outset. It is therefore vital if you’re considering awarding a contract for a hydrotherapy facility that you commission the right company from the start.

Hydrospec, THE hydrotherapy experts.

Over the past 24 years, Hydrospec has designed, constructed and commissioned over 60 hydrotherapy pools across the UK, as well as the rebuilding of pools not originally constructed for the purpose to hydrotherapy pool specifications.

Given the importance of these facilities to their users, we pride ourselves in providing the highest quality of design and equipment, including sensory lighting, air/water therapy, interactive aids, and UV sterilisation.

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